Xingying Chain Harrow knows what you or your customers' need

Founded in 1990, Shandong Xingying International Trading Co., Ltd. has been focusing on manufacturing chain harrows and spike harrows. Our founders have been farmers and they know what the farmers' requirement and how to help them resolve problems. Although our company has existed no more than 23 years, it has been the pioneer in China among its counter partners. Our company knows what you need, what your customers need, so our products are very popular in Britain and America.

What are your main products?

Chain Harrows
Chain harrows are classified into mounted chain harrow and trailed harrow according to the frame. Mounted chain harrow is equipped with a four-side or two-side frame to confine the chain in a limited space. While trailed chain harrow is very simple. You just need a draw bar to connect the tractor with the harrow section. In addition, you can extend the length of the chain harrow easily.

Spike tooth harrow
Spike tooth harrow is manufactured by premium high carbon steel which has better performance in wear resistance. You can change the directions of spike tooth for different purposes. Vertical direction for penetration and flat direction for leveling seed beds.

Why choose us as your chain harrow vendor or manufacturer?

  • Premium high carbon steel used
    Whatever harrow you use, it should be wear resistant. Common carbon steel is not hard enough and easy to worn out. However, our high carbon steel harrow guarantees 2-year warranty.

  • Satisfying design
    We know what you need. Our skilled workers constantly modified the structure when they receive customers' reviews or advices.

Hot Products

  • Mounted Chain Harrow

    Mounted Chain Harrow

    Mounted chain harrow can be used for many different soil and applications for its unique structures. Chain design around the frame to allow for any type harrow.

  • Paddock Harrow

    Paddock Harrow

    Paddock harrow consists of mounted chain harrow and trailed chain harrow. Both of them can satisfy your applications of small holdings, paddock, sports arenas.

  • Spike Tooth Harrow

    Spike Tooth Harrow

    Spike tooth harrow made of high carbon steel is the strongest harrow. You can change the direction of the spike teeth for special applications.

  • Spring tine harrow

    Spring tine harrow

    Spring tine harrow designed with coiled spring tine allows for flexibility and vibration which makes trash problem easy to overcome.