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Chain harrow constantly modify to suit your purposes

Our story
23 years ago, our founder started Shandong Xingying International Trading Co., Ltd.. Owing to our founders had been farmers, they knew what the virtual requirements. Since its beginning, this company just focused on solving farmers' problems in harrowing. Chain harrow like mounted chain harrow, trailed chain harrow, spike tooth harrow, spring tine harrow are often found in farmland, small holdings, paddock, yards or similar areas. They can be used to loosen soil, spread fertilizer or weeding.

Our advantages:

  • Quick response to reviews or advices
    Different people have different requirements. And with the development of modern agriculture, various needs bring us opportunity as well as challenge. The point is that who make fast and sound reply to customers' requirements, who will win the market. Our staff, most have been farmers or the farmer offspring, deeply know and understand their urgent needs.

  • Constant modification to satisfy your special purposes
    With the diverse plants or special terrain, many unique requirements have emerged. Besides common chain harrows, we still provide custom service on special request. We are always doing small modification and tests to improve performance.

What we can do for you?

  • 2-Year Warranty
    All our harrows are manufactured by high quality high carbon steel which is resistant to high wear. Compared with other harrows made of common carbon steel, our chain harrows can guarantee 2 years without maintenance.

  • Considerable after-sales service
    Once you purchase or buy our chain harrows, spike harrow or any other product, we will keep in touch with you and solve any problem you are encountered.

If you have any problem with harrowing or chain harrows, please kindly contact us immediately. We will response you in 6 hours.