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Spike tooth harrows providing multiple choices for farm problems

Pointed spike harrow tooth in diamond shape

Spike harrow tooth frequently used by spike tooth harrow

Spike tooth harrow refers to a harrow with straight steel teeth set in horizontal bars. Pointed metal spikes which can stir soil to a depth of 1" to 1.5" play an important role in operation. High carbon steel spike are bolted into bars. Direction of spike teeth can be changed to suit different purposes. Nearly vertical direction is designed for deep penetration and cultivation, while almost flat teeth are designed for leveling action.

Where spike tooth harrow can be used?

  • Breaking up clods, manure and grasses into finer pieces so that they can be evenly spread across the field.
  • Smoothing garden plots, fields, arenas and landscaping areas.
  • Loosening crusted soil, aerates legume crops like alfalfa and uncovering overwintering insects.

Harrow section is available in 5' and 6' sections
Spike teeth comes in diamond shape, using a lock washer to prevent from shaking out.
Spike tooth size: 0.5" or 0.62" square, about 8" long.
Special open end design for eliminating clogging.
Rigid tubular frame strong enough to keep teeth in the right position even in tough terrain.

Spike tooth harrow with draw bar for easy operation
Spike tooth harrow

Mounted spike tooth harrow with quick hitch
Spike tooth harrow with staggered teeth

A compact tractor drawing a red spike tooth harrow
Spike tooth harrow with gauge wheel

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